Synthesis of impurities
  • Alichem engages in pharmaceutical, pesticide impurities custom synthesis service, and provides pesticide companies with impurity standard custom synthesis services for domestic pharmaceutical companies. Especially, our company can assist our customers to complete the impurities qualitative research on efficient economy by providing many kinds of medicine, pesticide impurity reference substance package. At present our company has a large number of pesticide impurities standard libraries, most declaring pesticides domestic enterprises, which have have become our customers, have used our pesticide impurity reference substance package, or entrust us to new impurity synthesis service . Pesticide impurities synthesis is the necessary and critical step in the new pesticide products registered. At present, the whole component analysis of the original medicine is the necessary part in the pesticide registration, and the impurities with more than 0.1% of the content should be qualitatively tested. In actual production process of pesticide enterprises, it may contain different impurities to produce the same pesticide products under different conditions, raw materials, synthetic route. However, the impurity may have great influence on the medicinal properties of pesticide, toxicology, etc, and also may produce harm to consumers because of residue in the food or cause environmental pollution.

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