• Alichem offers a variety of high purity precious metal compounds and catalysts. Most of the materials are available in stock for immediate delivery. We guarantee product quality by strict quality standards and provide comprehensive analysis certificate as support. Precious metals and homogeneous catalysts Alichem offers a series of precious metal salts and solutions based on high standards. Homogeneous catalysts are ideal for high-specific reactions (including chiral transformation).  Besides that, homogeneous catalysts can be used in various chemical reactions. A catalyst for different purity and concentration With high selectivity, precious metal chemicals are usually the first selection of homogeneous catalyst, precious metals chemical catalytic reactions include: hydrogenation, silicon hydrogenation, isomerization and carbonylation reaction. Alichem offers a variety of products for different purity and concentration, including products for the pharmaceutical industry. We also offer a unique selection of chiral ligand products to used in asymmetric hydrogenation, new palladium catalyzed coupling, platinum group metals (PGM) heterogeneous catalysis and Sponge Nickel catalysis. Our catalytic optimization services include the catalytic process development, catalyst selection and process amplification of multi-step synthesis reactions.

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